LED lighting will rapidly become an alternative to incandescent lamps

According to the roadmap for eliminating the incandescent lamp, from October 1, 2014, China has banned the import and sale of ordinary lighting incandescent lamps of 60 watts or more. Liu Shengping, chairman of the China Lighting Association, said that due to the rapid development of the lighting industry, many new situations and new problems have emerged, which should be given high priority. Promoting high-efficiency lighting products represented by solid-state lighting sources such as “improved LED lamps” will be the general direction for the development of alternatives to incandescent lamps in the future.

In the past few years, China has mainly replaced energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamps. With the support of national policies and funds, the incandescent lamp industry has rapidly transformed, and the energy-saving lamp market has also developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results. “Currently, in China's second- and third-tier cities and rural areas, although some consumers still use incandescent lamps, in addition to some hotels, the combination of crystal chandeliers is still in use in North China, Guangzhou and other key cities. Tiles, 40-watt incandescent lamps have basically disappeared." Liu Shengping said.

"From the current market situation, energy-saving lamps have just become mainstream products in the market, and LED lights have developed rapidly. The trend of replacing LED lamps with energy-saving lamps has been formed." Yu Zaiwen, general manager of Shili Dengmao (Beijing) Investment Management Co., Ltd. It is stated that for the rapid development of led lights, the state should timely adjust relevant industrial policies and give strong support to the LED industry.

Energy-saving lamps are usually referred to as compact fluorescent lamps, which are internally coated with phosphors and filled with liquid or solid mercury, which excites mercury vapor by high-frequency high pressure and causes mercury vapor to strike the phosphor to emit light. The energy-saving lamp can use about 15% of the energy for illuminating, and the luminous efficiency is greatly improved compared with the incandescent lamp.

LED is a kind of light-emitting diode. When it is energized, it will cause electronic transition and cause photon emission. It will directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, blue, orange, purple and white light. Led lighting products are lighting fixtures that are manufactured using LED as a light source. Led is called the fourth-generation lighting source or green light source, which is more energy-efficient than energy-saving lamps, but the price is also high. With the continuous advancement of technology and the continuous expansion of production scale, the price of led lights has dropped sharply, and it is close to the price of energy-saving lamps.

"At present, the cost performance of led lights exceeds that of energy-saving lamps, which naturally becomes the main product of the business." Chen Xuguang, general manager of Beijing Smart Space, has introduced the energy-saving lamps in 2013, and the main products of the merchants. In 2014, led lights Actually, it has accounted for more than 90% of the products sold by many businesses. The change is really too fast.

The LED lamps currently sold mainly adopt the blue LED technology which won the Nobel Prize in Physics not long ago, that is, the blue light emitted from the LED chip is projected onto the yellow phosphor contained in the led bulb to be mixed to form white light. "The improvement of the 'Blu-ray led lamp' is also proceeding rapidly. By canceling the drive device, sapphire substrate, etc., there is even an 'integrated light source' that can be illuminated with only one chip." National Semiconductor Lighting Industry Leading Group Office Consultant An Zhenpo said that consumers should be made aware of "what lights should we use?"

“From energy-saving lamps to led lights or other new light sources, and then to the direction of miniaturization and intelligence, lighting products have become more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and comfortable, and consumers have more choices. This is a good thing.” Liu Shengping It is said that in the long run, vigorously promoting high-efficiency lighting products represented by solid-state lighting sources such as “improved LED lamps” will be the general direction for the development of alternatives to incandescent lamps in the future, and also the general direction for consumers to select new lighting products.

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