The principle and application of FANUC welding robot control system

Welding is a very important processing method in industrial production. At the same time, due to the presence of welding fumes, arcs and metal splashes, the working environment of welding is very bad. With the gradual improvement of labor costs and the improvement of welding quality, welding robots have been obtained. More and more widely used.

The characteristics of robots used in the welding production line

Welding robots play an extremely important role in high quality and efficient welding production. The main features are as follows:

1. Stable performance, stable welding quality, and ensure its uniformity

Welding parameters such as welding current, voltage, welding speed and weld dry elongation play a decisive role in the welding results. In manual welding, the welding speed and dry elongation are all changed, and it is difficult to achieve uniformity of quality. With robot welding, the welding parameters of each weld are constant, and the weld quality is less affected by human factors. It reduces the requirements for workers' operating technology and the welding quality is very stable.

2. Improve the working conditions of workers

After robotic welding, workers only need to load and unload the workpiece, away from welding arcs, smoke and splashes; when spot welding, workers no longer need to carry heavy manual welding tongs, free from the high-intensity manual labor.

3. Improve labor productivity

The robot can be continuously produced 24 hours a day. With the application of high-speed and high-efficiency welding technology, robot welding is used, and the efficiency is more obvious.

4. Product cycle is clear, easy to control product output

The production cycle of the robot is fixed, so the production plan is very clear.

5. Can shorten the cycle of product modification and reduce the corresponding equipment investment

It can realize welding automation of small batch products. The biggest difference between a robot and a special plane is that it can be modified to suit the production of different workpieces.

Babbitt Wire is with tin as the base, the product is added with certain amount of antimony, copper

or other improved elements.

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Other trade marks are suitable to use CMT, TIG and MIG technology to manufacture sliding bearing bush material layer. It is of high bonding strength with substrate, with material utilization rate of 70~80%. It has small amount of ingredient segregation without any loose or slag inclusion. The internal control standard of the alloy composition is prevailing over GB/T8740-2013. Babbi1 metal added with improved elements can substantially enhance the service life.

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