Snow Wright reorganization will be suspended from the 11th

On December 10, Snow Wright (002076) announced on the evening of December 10 that the company received a notice from the CSRC that the listed company's M&A and restructuring committee will review the company's issue of shares to purchase assets and raise matching funds for major asset restructuring and related party transactions. . The company's stock has been suspended since the market opened on December 11, and will resume trading after the announcement of the company's announcement.

According to previously disclosed by Shell, the company intends to acquire Fushun Optoelectronics, a leading provider of LED lighting and display application products and system solutions, through a combination of non-public offering of shares and payment of cash to specific targets for 495 million yuan.

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The ternary Lithium Ion Battery  is a lithium ion battery using Ni-Co lithium manganate as the positive electrode material and graphite as the negative electrode material.

Ternary Lithium Batteries represent an important direction of current rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. In addition to Ternary Lithium Battery, the current market uses phosphorus  lithium iron battery , which is characterized with better safety for the domestic battery market mainstream products.

Ternary Lithium batteries refer to lithium batteries containing transition metal lithium-intercalated oxides containing nickel, cobalt and manganese, which can be expressed as LiMnxNiyCo1-x-yO2 (0 < x < 0.5, 0 < y < 0.5). This material combines the advantages of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel oxide, and lithium manganate, and forms a ternary synergistic effect of three materials, whose comprehensive properties are superior to any single combination compound. Weight energy density can reach 200Wh/kg

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