Domestically produced Wali Robots Secret (Atlas)

As a hardcore fan of Warri, Xiao Bian said that it is very, very eye-catching to see foreign cattle making large and powerful wattage robots . Now that such a day is gone, Xiaobian understands that a robot company called Shanghai Qinglang Intelligent has recently produced a one-meter-high all-stainless steel tile robot, which is taken care of in small details. And the hands can move, the eyes can still lick, so cute. . . Of course, the most important thing is that his two tracks can really run, too dazzling.

Let's share the process of making this large tile with the following small series.

The first step, 3D shape design. Every time I see the power, Xiaobian is so excited, ah ah ah. . .

The second part, 3D structure design. Why is the structural design and shape design different? The engineer explained to Xiaobian for a long time, Xiaobian said it is difficult to understand. Hey, the science of studying liberal arts can't understand.

Super cute eyes

Then look at the rear view, it looks quite complicated.

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