Centralized control of lighting through load switches, fire control room to make contactors

Centralized control mode For buildings that require large-area emergency lighting such as shopping malls and garages, decentralized control is not easy to manage. The key to this type of control is the addition of a set of load switches. If there is no load switch in this circuit and want to achieve centralized control of large-area illumination through the circuit breaker, if the circuit breaker is closed, the lamp is bright; if the circuit breaker is disconnected, even if the fire control room will contact the contactor If the main circuit is not powered, it will not be able to illuminate the emergency lighting, and it will not achieve the purpose of emergency. After adding a set of load switches, the main circuit breaker is normally closed. When normal, the load switch can be used for centralized lighting control. In case of emergency, the fire control room makes the contactor pull in, and the emergency circuit has electricity, regardless of whether the load switch is closed or closed. In the off state, the lamps are all in a steady state, which can achieve the purpose of emergency strong start.

The control method of energizing the emergency light through the AC contactor is applicable not only to general lighting fixtures, but also to controllable lamps with battery power supply. It should be noted that at this time, the charging line of the battery must be taken out from the front of the dual control switch (ie, not controlled by the dual control switch). Especially for the centralized control mode, the battery charging line must be taken out from the load switch to make the charging. The line is not affected by the breaking of the BH, but is always in a state of being energized. Thus, the outlet and distribution wires of the single-phase circuit are four lines, that is, a phase line, an N line, a strong start line, and a battery charging line.

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