Huawei "Smart" Campus Security Solution

At present, the construction of smart cities across the country is in full swing, covering a wide range of areas of urban life, and smart parks are an important manifestation of smart cities. Their architecture and development model are smart cities in a small area. miniature. In order to adapt to the revolutionary changes that are taking place in the information industry, Huawei continues to innovate around customer needs and technology leadership, and open cooperation with industry partners to focus on building a “smart information pipeline” for the future, and continue to create value for customers and the whole society. Our smart park security solution is centered on the campus security platform and is connected to the campus video surveillance, alarm, access control, electronic patrol, intercom, broadcast, parking management, dynamic ring monitoring and other subsystems, facing industrial parks, airports. , prisons, campuses, energy and other parks, providing a total solution of "intelligent monitoring, security linkage".

Private Customization Huawei "Smart" Campus Security Solution

Customized to meet the "variety" needs of smart parks

Because Huawei's concept of the park is broadly oriented to the sub-sectors of parks, airports, prisons, campuses, energy, etc., our solutions will adopt a customized design approach based on the characteristics of different industry sectors and different customer needs to fully satisfy customers. demand. "Learn what you need, for your use"! In this case, how can Huawei's smart park solution be close to the actual needs of customers? We understand that there are some problems in the market security in the market, which are as follows:

Security subsystem is too scattered

Most of the domestic enterprise parks, such as video surveillance systems, access control card systems, and alarm systems, are independent of each other and cannot meet the needs of overall security management. It is urgent to realize the "integration and integration" management of security systems, realize the mutual linkage of the entire security system, and make the enterprise park security system become an organic whole, so as to fully improve the level of technical defense at the enterprise level.

System networking confusion

The system composition mode is mixed, and it is difficult to achieve full integration of the system by mixing various analog modes such as analog and digital to high definition. Enterprise campus users need to be guided by practical applications. Security systems need to have good compatibility, scalability and stability, reasonable selection of architecture, and comprehensive integration and application management of various modes.

HD monitoring needs to be further strengthened

The existing video surveillance image quality has low resolution, and the key parts need not only solve the problem of “visible” in the video surveillance system, but also meet the requirements of the “clear” image of the surveillance image to obtain clear facial features of the person and the vehicle license plate. And event details and other information to improve the quality of video surveillance.

Management lag

At present, most of the enterprise campus security platforms with branch offices cannot be networked and managed separately. The higher-level departments cannot effectively understand the security management status and various emergencies of each branch in real time. It is urgent to realize the network management application of multi-level platforms and improve the overall situation. Security management level.

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