Professor Oxford talks about artificial intelligence: just like children playing bombs?

The Hungarian mathematician John von Neumann is recognized as a scientific genius, assuming that his IQ is 200 (study 130, learning scum 85), and the ASI (super artificial intelligence) IQ is likely to be 12952 - humans should be so intelligent What does ASI do? AI Da people said that because human beings have to liberate themselves from the heavy and boring physical work, the latest British AI report stated that the maximization of profits comes from efficiency savings. With these two objectives, the British AI industry is currently developing like a balloon inflated. In 2014, the UK successfully developed the Darktrace intelligence technology to hunt cybercriminals, which attracted $65 million in investment as soon as it was born; similar to Onfido, a new identity and background detection technique. It completely rewritten the history of human eye recognition and paper archives, making identity counterfeiting difficult; Britain also designed Benevolent AI (Intelligent benevolent), can swallow huge data for drug developers to dig inquiries, Bringing intelligence to the field of genomics; publishing industry has launched "Echobox", the world's first artificial intelligence that can read and analyze textual content; on the market, the newly released Phrase Smart technology is said to optimize Internet marketing, with the help of e-mail companies, to optimize advertising topics and content. Nick Bostrom, a Swedish philosopher and professor at Oxford University, did not think that AI was merely a balloon: "Before smart technology was detonated, human beings played a bomb like a child." The same concern also appeared in Hawking's speech. : "Artificial intelligence will be the biggest event in the history of human civilization, but it may also be the final event. Its risk, its destructive nature to the economy and mankind, can not be ignored ... We can learn from history and learn almost It's all a history of ignorance." It's a mistake. It's still hard to assert. But one thing is that although artificial intelligence is powerful, it is not omnipotent, and it is impossible to obtain a human emotional experience. As Google spokesperson said at the World Economic Forum in 2016, “Drivers can make driving more accessible With high mobility, it is impossible to understand the pain as humans do.” Similarly, drones cannot solve the moral problem that has plagued humankind for thousands of years in the movie “The Eye of the Sky”: “The terrorists who bombed the human flesh bombs. At the same time, is it true that the heart of the next little girl will also be blown up?" As for human unemployment, the current artificial intelligence seems to be at a loss. In 1862, the British peasant John Thompson got up at 4 am every day, and with about 20 individuals, weeding 15 acres and busy until 8 o'clock in the evening (taken from the Wisbech Museum literature). This kind of life is difficult, but John Thompson survived. In the 21st century, agriculture entered the era of intelligence, and it took only four labors to cultivate 4,000 acres of land. The technician sat down on the wheel planter and touched the screen with his finger to complete the sowing. Intelligent agriculture has made economist EF Schumacher “small is beautiful” and the regional farm economy has become a bubble. Thousands of British farmers have therefore bid farewell to the thousands of years of land that they have kept.
In recent years, an average farmer has committed suicide every week. Some grief-surviving survivors vented their resentment to the seasonal workers in Eastern Europe, and they chose to leave the European Union. And these cheap seasonal workers were hired simply because artificial intelligence is currently unable to cope with the delicate crops (such as strawberries and grapes). Once the artificial intelligence of the strawberry can be picked up, it is good to be a retired school or Trump. No one can change the fate of the blue collar. In the past two or three years, the cost of machine-based production has been lower than the average wage of Chinese workers. Baxter, which was launched in 2013, sells for only $22,000, but it can complete loading, unloading, sorting, and delivery. It does not require three guarantees and one insurance, nor does it engage in street strikes. American technology innovator Kevin Surace predicts in his "Artificial Intelligence, Doom of Human Labor": "According to this trend, 400,000 workers who make iPhones will probably be reduced to 40,000 in the next few years." From the first industrial robot in 1961, it took several decades to develop artificial intelligence with intelligence equal to 4 years old. However, from the age of 4 years old to the young talent of GUT It took only an hour, and it takes only 90 minutes to super artificial intelligence that is 17,000 times more intelligent than human beings (Tim Urban's "Intelligent Revolution: The Road to Super Intelligence"). Where does the blue collar go after it disappears? Capitalists are not expected to care about this issue, let us pin our hopes on the future of super artificial intelligence! We hope that they will make good use of intelligence that is 17,000 times higher than that of humans and build a sanctuary for each unemployed soul.

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