The Lectra car ecological base broke ground and represents the future development direction of the industry.

In the face of all kinds of singing voices and even brainless destruction, it is obvious that Jia Yueting and others have published many articles and counterattacks through Weibo and WeChat, and a large mechanical vehicle and a large-scale automobile base are Real money, silver, can not be faked, whether it is singer or not, optimistic about music, only to come to the scene to witness, should be qualified to Leto's car factory.

Even if LeTV has finally failed, the model represented by LeTV will definitely be the future direction of the industry.

"Booming rumbling.." With the launch of dozens of heavy machinery such as excavators and rock drills, on December 28th, LeTV officially broke ground in the automobile ecological base of Moganshan, Deqing, Zhejiang. On the tail of 2016, LeTV responded to various online rumors that “LeTV can't do it” with actual actions.

The Leshi Automobile Ecological Base broke ground and represents the future development direction of the industry.

We all know that four months ago, LeTV announced cooperation with the Zhejiang Provincial Government to officially launch a number of cooperation projects including the LeTV Supercar Eco-Experience Park, the Smart Auto Industry Fund, and Internet Finance. At the same time, the two sides also announced that the Leshi Super Car Eco-Experience Park, which covers the advanced manufacturing, ecological display and sightseeing experience of smart Internet electric vehicles, has officially settled in the Moganshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Deqing County, Zhejiang Province, with a total investment of nearly 20 billion yuan. From the announcement of the project to the receipt of a series of approvals, and then to the groundbreaking, LeTV's automotive projects are progressing rapidly.

According to the project plan, the first phase of the LeTV Supercar Ecological Experience Park will cover an area of ​​4,300 mu and it is planned to produce 400,000 vehicles per year. Upon completion, the Experience Park will form a global eco-car super factory and theme amusement destination.

The 20 billion yuan is very rare for the entire Chinese Internet. Before that, there were such large-scale investment projects. The Chinese Internet has only Ali and Tencent. As a rising star in the Internet industry, LeTV has not yet become an eco-car field in the industry. It is obviously a huge gamble. Of course, such a gamble is not the first time for LeTV.

LeTV Moganshan set up a factory, what other meanings?

BAT, LeTV, Jingdong, Xiaomi, Didi, 58, Meituan and other top Internet companies in China, regardless of where to open a company or open a factory, will be warmly welcomed by local governments, from policy to land to talent and capital. Level of support. In the end, Jia Yueting chose Zhejiang Moganshan, which is relatively not related to the industrial foundation. Among them, Jia Yueting and relevant leaders in Zhejiang also said the reason: “Zhejiang and Huzhou leaders can understand LeTV's ecology, and the values ​​and concepts of both sides are consistent.”

In my opinion, in addition to these soft and hard conditions, Jia Yueting may have some historical reasons and product feelings when choosing Moganshan. I believe that most netizens have never heard of the place name of Moganshan, but the story of the generals and Moxie's swords must be known to everyone, and this Moganshan is the place where the cadres and Moxie II artificial swords were rumored. Today's Moganshan. The team of Jia Yueting and Ding Lei apparently compared themselves with Mo Xie, holding the spirit of fearlessness and sacrificing the spirit, just like doing the evil spirits, creating a sword that was not made by the predecessors, a car that the predecessors had not built, and thus shocked. The world, this process is not afraid of self-sacrifice.

In addition, Moganshan regained its popularity in modern times because after the liberation, the great leader Chairman Mao traveled to Moganshan and wrote a poem entitled "Seven Musts Moganshan", which symbolizes the prosperity of the great cause of socialism. Jia Yueting set up a factory here, and as described in Chairman Mao’s poem, “Returning to the peak and breaking into the sky, Fengchi has already arrived at Qiantang”, and hopes that LeTV’s eco-car business will also flourish.

Where is LeTV’s 20 billion yuan?

The so-called emperor is not in a hurry to eunuch, in the matter of the establishment of the factory in Le Moganshan, the topic of 20 billion funding sources has smashed a lot of people in the industry, a large number of users in the circle of friends and Weibo have questioned the source of this 20 billion yuan. Although this topic is the least critical to me.

20 billion seems to be a large amount, but we have to see that it is a different cycle of investment, and with the influence and credibility of LeEco, whether it is from bank loans or issuing corporate debt, it can solve the initial funding sources, and even The first phase of investment funds is not from the LeTV family, but also the introduction of local government funds. That is to say, this 20 billion project will be started, and LeEco will start with 5 to 1 billion of its own funds.

What is the price of LeTV after its final listing?

A few days ago, Alibaba and SAIC's car Roewe rx5 was officially released. This product, which is known as China's first Internet car, is priced from 148,800 to 179,800. And the slogan that has been shouting in the car is also "half price, double performance", after the LeTV car, I think the price will definitely not be the industry's expected 50--100 million range. It is likely to continue to play LeTV's philosophy and position the price in the mid-size price range of 15-200,000.

In addition, according to the rhythm of LeTV's eco-inversion, LeTV is likely to use the price model bundled by the car + eco-member service, just like LeTV, so that every time you sell a car, you can sell it invisibly. A new species that carries all the ecological services.

Is the automobile Internetization really the trend of the times?

Jia Yueting issued a message on WeChat public account that the century-old automobile industry is the last traditional industry that has not been transformed by the Internet model. LeEco also hopes to adopt MoSang, the first super factory in LeSEE, and LeTV can take a new Internet ecological model to the century-old automobile industry. Come to real change!

In fact, in my opinion, even if LeTV does not make a car, the Internet of the car is also the trend of the times, but because of the entry of LeTV, this change has been accelerated. While LeTV is doing Internet car, Baidu and Ali have also begun to accelerate the layout. At the same time, BMW, Volkswagen, Beiqi and other companies have also set up R&D centers related to Internet vehicles. Ten years ago, the function machine was in the right place, but now the smartphone is in the mainstream, and the same is true in the automotive industry. After 10 years, the proportion of smart cars will definitely exceed that of non-smart cars.

Can Jia Yueting be able to copy the success of TV and film?

LeTV has always been hailed as a foreign spoiler, and many industries have been forced to transform and upgrade so as not to fall behind. In the past few years, LeTV Smart TV and LeTV Pictures have become the first-line enterprises in their respective fields. Even the sales of LeTV have surpassed the traditional giants such as TCL, Skyworth and Hisense.

However, the threshold of the automobile industry is very high, and there are many pits. The top few auto companies in the world a few decades ago are still in the top few, indicating that the top level of the industry is very stable. Although LeTV has changed the pattern of many industries such as mobile phones, television, film and television, sports, etc. through ecologicalization, it is still very difficult to bring subversive changes to the automotive industry. However, even if LeTV finally failed, the model represented by LeTV will definitely be the future direction of the industry.

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