[Brand Power·Zhongheng Paiwei] Constant power supply becomes the new favorite of LED lighting

At present, in the field of LED high-power driving power supply, the market capacity is huge and the penetration rate is gradually accelerated. At the same time, however, with the rapid increase of the market, many problems in this field are being highlighted. For example, the standardization is carried out, and the standards are still too few at this stage.

"At present, the outdoor high-power power supply market has many product specifications and lacks replaceability due to different current specifications, wire and joint specifications, control methods, etc. At the same time, its quality awareness is gradually strengthened, and the pursuit of efficiency and PF value has been transformed from the past. To the requirements of life and reliability." Zhongheng Paiwei product manager Fu Lihan said in the Shanghai station tour meeting of Gaogong LED good products on April 28 .

Zhongheng Paiwei Product Manager Fu Lihan

"On this basis, we produce a new generation of constant power adjustable power supply, not only in a certain range to achieve constant current on the constant power, to ensure that the output power is constant, but also intelligent programming can be used to batch write power. "Fu Lihan said.

It is understood that the traditional adjustable power supply uses a potentiometer, which only adjusts the current. As the power decreases, the waterproof performance will decrease and it will not be dimmable. At the same time, the DIP switch can be adjusted to achieve step-by-step adjustment, which increases the PCB area but has no waterproof capability. And Zhongheng Paiwei's new generation of constant-power adjustable power supply can achieve current regulation and keep power unchanged.

Zhongheng Paiwei booth

"In addition, our intelligent control drive power supply is compatible with PLC solutions, Zigbee solutions, RS485 solutions, DALI solutions." Fu Lihan mentioned.

“The outdoor drive power market is growing rapidly, and the power quality requirements will be more demanding. Constant power and current adjustable products will play a certain role in product standardization, flexibility and the overall reduction of the overall industry cost. Intelligent power supply will dominate the future. Power development trends." Fu Lihan concluded.

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