The market demand for RFID is huge and the application trend is obvious.

In recent years, with the development of computer and network technology, RFID has become an automatic identification technology. After decades of development, especially for more than 20 years, its new and derived functions are increasingly enriched, and its application fields have also changed from military to military. Commercial and civilian, it is widely used in security, transportation, finance, logistics and other fields, and with the development of safe cities, smart cities and the Internet of Things will usher in new development opportunities.

From the perspective of the global market, since 2010, due to the improvement of the economic situation and the favorable factors such as the Internet of Things, the global RFID market continues to heat up, and the global market size has reached more than 20 billion US dollars in 2012. It is expected that the application field of RFID will become wider and wider in the next 10 years. At present, the RFID market is rising steadily, especially in the security industry, the demand for access control card readers and parking lots has surged, but the real power of the future will be in the Internet of Things, when the market capacity of RFID will explode.

The demand for RFID market in China is huge, which has helped the RFID industry to develop rapidly. The electronic tags, readers and terminal devices have gradually matured and realized large-scale production, but the overall performance indicators still have a certain gap with the advanced level of foreign countries.

In recent years, with the advancement and promotion of RFID technology, fusion applications in various fields have been realized.

RFID in the application of intelligent transportation

At present, the parking lots are manually managed. When there are vehicles entering and leaving, they need to manually control the automatic retractable doors. Whenever there are foreign vehicles coming in and out, the administrators can only register one by one, which is very time-consuming and laborious, and it is inevitable that there will be artificial When it is wrong. Ensuring timely and effective recording of inbound and outbound vehicles, relying on traditional vehicle monitoring and management can no longer be met. In this regard, the use of RFID radio frequency technology to manage the vehicle allows the guard to monitor the vehicle in real time, saving time for vehicle access and greatly reducing the intensity of management.

The RFID intelligent system not only improves work efficiency, saves manpower and material resources, reduces operating costs, prevents employees from arbitrarily fraudulent charges, and the entire management system is more secure and reliable. Including driver identification, vehicle image comparison, automatic parking guidance, vehicle access, parking tracking and charging management, query and print vehicle information at any time.

RFID technology has an unparalleled advantage over traditional traffic information acquisition technology because of its fast and accurate recognition of high-speed moving targets in real time. As an emerging and mature technology, RFID technology will become the main means of traffic information collection and supervision in the future. RFID technology has alleviated traffic congestion, and its wide application in traffic management will surely become the development trend of intelligent transportation in the future. .

RFID in food safety applications

At present, food and drug safety has become a topic of great concern in China. An important reason for the continuous occurrence of food and drug safety accidents is that the role of science and technology is not enough. The specific performance of food and drug safety management is lagging behind; the level of inspection and testing is not high; the technical means to prevent and stop the sale of fake goods are incomplete; The recall of problem foods and medicines is inefficient. The application of RFID technology to food and drug safety management, combined with the corresponding back-end information system, enables the positioning and tracking of items to achieve the purpose of safe management of food and medicine.

RFID electronic home school system

The RFID electronic home school system has changed the traditional way of queuing cards. It adopts advanced and reliable passive high-frequency RFID remote recognition technology. Students only need to wear the school card to enter and leave the school. The system will automatically identify the student and will enter and exit. The records are automatically saved in the database. The system is combined with mobile, telecommunications, Unicom and other SMS platforms. Students can be sent to and from the campus in real time via SMS to the mobile phone of the parents or designated personnel, so that parents can grasp the school leaving school in real time.

RFID to create "smart port"

The remote video surveillance system is constructed and used in the quality and safety management of water transport engineering. The AIS (Automatic Ship Identification System) device is installed in the cargo ship. The video surveillance and laser beam-shooting system have been tested in a protracted period, and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards are issued to all transport ships. Implement inland river vessels free of information comparison services.

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