The same side photoelectric: 2015 main push ceramic COB light source

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xu Chaopeng] Since last year, the unit price of COB has been falling all the way, from the initial price of nearly 1 yuan per watt to 0.5 yuan per watt. The low-end COB light source in the Zhongshan market has even fallen to the "limit price" of 0.3 yuan.

"I think the price drop of this year's COB will be slightly lower than last year, and it is very likely that it will maintain a steady and declining trend. After the price of the COB market last year, even if it will fall in the future, it will be in a small range. Internal fluctuations." Faced with the overall industry situation of COB this year, Yang Fan, general manager of the same party, told reporters.

At the same time, starting from this year, according to the latest information that reporters have learned from the current major packaging manufacturers, the trend of using ceramic substrates is gradually heating up.

"The previous COB substrates were mostly made of aluminum substrates, but in 2015 we will try to use ceramic substrates." Yang Fan, general manager of the same party, told reporters.

It is understood that compared with the previous ceramic substrates need to be purchased from Taiwan and the price is high, the manufacturers of patch and brackets in China have begun to produce ceramic substrates, and its output is particularly fast, and it is also easy to deliver.

Yang Fan also said that in terms of price, the current domestic ceramic substrates have been close to the copper substrate as a whole, so as the overall cost decreases, it is necessary for the packaging companies to make corresponding adjustments in the direction of technology and materials.

Moreover, the price of ceramic substrates is generally lowered, which is also a great advantage for ceramic packaging enterprises. In recent years, with the gradual rise of Flip-Chip technology, the CSP package has made the market prospect of ceramic packaging particularly clear.

“This year in the downlight market, we will focus on ceramic substrates for new product development, and gradually invest in the market.” Yang Fan said that the overall cost performance of the entire ceramic industry is already quite high, and the flip-chip products for COB will also have a larger increase. Therefore, the same party is also very optimistic about this market.

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