Jingke Electronics: a complete solution provider for mobile phone flash

Jingke Electronics (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. Product Director District Wei Neng at the 2015 China (International) Touch Screen Industry Development Summit Forum on the theme: smart phone trends and flash applications. The district mainly focuses on the development trend of smart phones, the flash application of gold-free technology platform, and the optical design of flash.

According to the general introduction of the district, the development of smart phones today mainly presents the following trends: 1. The pixel of the mobile phone camera is improved. The main performance is the flagship mobile phone from 13 million in 2013 to 20.7 million in 2015. 2, true color reproduction, flash two-color program prevails. Iphone, Android camp's HTC one M8, M9, ZTE Star 1, vivo Xshot, MX Charm Blue NOTE are two-color double flash scheme. 3. Fingerprint recognition. 4, no borders. 5, the surface.

As a very important part of the camera, the flash plays the most important role in restoring the color of the photo. As mobile phone pixels continue to climb, users have new requirements for flash. When it comes to the high-brightness flash solution, Mr. Li introduced that in order to match the camera's pixel boost, the brightness of the LED flash is also increasing. Jingke Electronics' new EFG model can meet the requirements of 16 million pixel camera, and the 1m center illumination is 180lx. In order to meet the needs of true color photography, Jingke cooperates with the natural color warm color reproduction, and the LED flash complements the warm color. Jingke's true color flash solution is a two-color solution. As the name implies, the warm color is matched with the cool color, which makes the photo color difference more realistic and the white balance effect better.

According to reports, the use of full-spectrum LEDs can restore the full-band chromatic aberration and enhance the vividness of photos. Characterized by color rendering index, CRI > 90.

According to the general introduction of the district, the flash lamp without gold wire technology is easy to flash, and has the following technical advantages: 1. No gold wire, no solid crystal glue package; 2. High brightness, low thermal resistance, high reliability; Excellent performance in heat, light and electricity.

The district always believes that LED is a kind of light-emitting device. To make good use of this light, you need to match it well. Using a flash with LEDs, Jinko can provide a complete solution that enables efficient use of the entire light while miniaturizing the device.

The final section of the report briefly introduced Jingke Electronics, and said that the company can provide a complete set of programs and technologies from materials to flashlights and light-emitting devices. Welcome to cooperate and exchange. (This article is the electronic submission of Jingke)

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