How to Really Realize the High Accuracy of Crystal Oscillation

In order to create high-precision, high-stability, small-size packaged quartz crystal resonators and oscillators, Shenzhen Timecom Electronics Co., Ltd. (SCTF) with this goal will once again appear in the Shenzhen IIC-2012 exhibition. At this exhibition, Starcom will introduce miniaturized SMD2025 and SMD2016 crystals to display the crystal production and test process at the scene, and engineers will provide crystal oscillator circuit solutions on site.

Passive crystals are used in the load matching problem between the oscillator circuit and the peripheral circuit. If the matching is not good, the resulting frequency error is much larger than the error of the crystal itself, and the wireless communication product customer feels that communication is not ideal. How to make the overall frequency error of the circuit as close as possible to the accuracy error of the crystal itself? Starcom time and frequency for such products customers, with particular emphasis on product pre-sale technical services, professional FAE engineers to the scene to do a good job product center positioning, test circuit load matching conditions, to prevent the sample from passing. In mass production, the occurrence of a high defect rate is prevented.

Starcom's time-frequency production of frequency devices are widely used in car audio, set-top boxes, anti-theft devices, security camera, remote control, wireless mouse, remote control toys, radio, ASDL, card reader, U disk, DVD, MP3, MP4, computer Motherboards, laptops, meters, smart meter reading, telephones, mobile phones, GPS, wireless microphones and other electronic products.

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