Air energy efficiency standards will be introduced

Air energy efficiency standards will be introduced For some time, the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon has received more and more attention from the people and it gradually began to integrate into people’s lives. In the low-carbon environment, air-energy water heaters will achieve rapid development with their energy-saving advantages. Compared with the three traditional water heaters, the energy saving effect of air energy water heaters is 2 times that of solar water heaters, 3 times that of gas water heaters, and 4 times that of electric water heaters. The characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving are outstanding, and air energy water heaters will usher in gold. Development period.

Analysts believe that the development prospects of air-energy water heaters are unlimited, but as an emerging industry, technology, market awareness, policies, etc. are still not mature, need a tortuous process to gradually improve, the current problem is mainly reflected in the following Five aspects:

First, the price issue. Air-heater water heater technology is relatively new and costly, and the retail price in the market is naturally not cheap. Even if the capacity of the smallest 100L air energy water heater is 4,000 yuan or more, some brands of high-capacity products even up to million. Compared with the water heater of the volume, the air energy water heater is more expensive than the gas water heater and the electric water heater.

Second, promote the region. At present, air-energy water heaters are mainly used in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, making it difficult to enter the northern markets. The main reason is that the weather in the north is relatively cold, and the air-heated water heater is difficult to start in a low temperature environment, and the low heat energy is not conducive to use. Only after breakthroughs are made in the compressor technology and water tank technology can a larger area be promoted and used.

Third, the market is chaotic. A good market prospect has attracted many household appliance companies or solar water heater companies to join, but it is mostly part of a diversified operation and is rarely used as a main business. The current market situation is a wide variety, there is no leading brand, and the market concentration is low.

Fourth, lack of technical staff. Air-energy water heaters are a new type of product, and the dependence of technical services is greater. From the formulation of plans, the installation of products, the laying of pipelines, and the control of pipeline pressures, all require the design and construction of professional technicians. How to teach customers proper use and post-sales maintenance also requires professional staff. In the air energy industry, the lack of technical personnel is a common phenomenon.

Fifth, lack of policies. The promotion and development of air-energy water heaters cannot be separated from the support of policies. At present, some localities have already issued relevant policies, but they lack national and ministerial-level policies for the solar energy industry, and they have not yet fully enjoyed the preferential fiscal and taxation policies for energy-saving and environmental protection industries.

According to the “China Air Energy Water Heater Market Research Report 2010”, China’s demand for air-energy water heaters is large, and it is estimated that the demand will be about 900,000 units per year in the future, and the total market demand will reach 4.66 million units in the next five years. In the next 3-5 years, China will fully enter the era of air-energy hot water, and air-energy water heaters will become mainstream products for hot-water product consumption.

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