Guangri's 2012 results turned losses into a profit of 437 million yuan

On April 18th, Guangri Co., Ltd. released its 2012 annual report. In 2012, the main indicators of steel assets were completed. The company's operating income was 4.659 billion yuan, a decrease of 4.077 billion yuan from the previous year's 8.736 billion yuan, a decrease of 47%; the total profit was 518 million yuan, a loss of 330 million over the same period of the previous year. The yuan increased by 848 million yuan; the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies reached 437 million yuan, and the earnings per share was 0.5632 yuan. Realized the performance of listed companies to turn losses into profits.

According to the announcement, the company's sales target for 2013 is 4 billion yuan, which is expected to increase by 15%-20% compared with 2012. For the LED business, the company's development expectation is to break the industry barriers and obstacles and achieve a major breakthrough in the entry of LED products into the special industry.

Guangri Co., Ltd. stated that it will take "one industry as the mainstay, to relevant diversified development" as a strategic orientation, elevator as the core industry, expand energy-saving intelligent elevator products, and vigorously develop high-end intelligent opto-mechanical products, from optoelectronic integrated integrated manufacturers, Towards the provider of smart city equipment solutions, we will become a listed company with smart city equipment and modern service industry as the core of smart city equipment and modern service industry.

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