LCD TV power supply circuit

LCD TV power supply circuit

Figure 1 shows a schematic diagram of the power supply structure using the PLC810PG device, in which the LLC resonant inductor is integrated in the transformer. The PFC part of the PLC810PG uses a common input continuous current mode (CCM) design that does not require a sinusoidal signal input reference, thereby reducing system cost and external components.

The DC-DC controller drives the L LC resonant topology. This variable frequency controller enables the MOSFET to switch at zero voltage, thereby eliminating most of the switching losses and improving efficiency. The core of the LLC controller is a current-controlled oscillator whose frequency control range supports the traditional operating frequency of TV power supplies. In order to ensure zero voltage switching, the dead time of the LLC switch in PLC810PG is strictly controlled within the tolerance range and can be adjusted by an external resistor. The duty cycles at both ends of the high and low voltage are closely matched to provide a balanced output current, thereby reducing the cost of the output diode.

The operating frequency of a typical PLC810PG LLC design is 100 kHz (under rated operating conditions). Depending on the design of the LLC circuit, the switching frequency can range from one-half to three times the rated operating frequency, which is related to input voltage and load changes.

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