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Effective management of cities and good services to citizens are always the main tasks of city managers. As the modern urbanization process accelerates, effective urban operations have become the goal that most cities, especially megacities and super-city managers, have been striving for.

There are general problems in the construction of urban informatization

In recent years, urban informatization construction has gradually realized the digitization and networking of cities, and it has greatly facilitated urban management, business management and citizen services in many fields. However, there are still some general problems.

At present, the lack of urban informatization construction directly feels the operation of the whole city at the city level. City managers lack a stable monitoring and command center to grasp the city's information and monitor and manage urban areas involving people's livelihood.

The construction of urban informatization lacks rapid and effective control over urban operations. This includes: the lack of a unified, linked information platform; the lack of centralized and shared data resources; the reduction of departmental operational efficiency, while seriously reducing the quality of citizen services; the lack of intelligent urban operational status analysis and trend prediction, unable to support accurate Command and decision-making; lack of convenient and fast cross-departmental collaboration, unable to respond to emergencies on an active and rapid basis, and increase the cost of urban management operations.

The construction of urban informatization lacks information-based service provision and interactive display for the public. The public cannot understand the real situation of urban operation in real time, and cannot understand the ambition and blueprint of urban managers in urban development and planning.

Bonfire proposes the concept of a smart city operation center

In response to these problems, Campfire proposed the concept of a smart city operation center, which is to build a home of smart operation of the city. Through a unified urban operation platform, real-time perception of the city's situation, using the basic big data platform to provide data resources and decision-making for city managers. Based on the improvement of the level and quality of urban management and citizen-oriented services.

The Bonfire Smart City Operations Center brings practical results to the smart operations of modern cities. The Campfire Smart City Operation Center makes the decision-making command of city managers more precise and efficient; big data applications enhance the trend forecasting level and ability, provide intuitive and accurate intelligence for the development of emergency command plans; data sharing and intelligent analysis services can be used for all units The department creates collaborative conditions, provides data support for decision support, and explores the behind-the-scenes of city operations.

The Bonfire Smart City Operation Center enables management departments to coordinate and coordinate, and enables city managers to make full use of urban resources, reduce management blind spots, blind spots, accelerate the flow of information between urban management and service departments, and significantly reduce urban management costs and improve efficiency.

The information of the Campfire Smart City Operation Center is released in multiple ways on the big screen, desktop and mobile terminals, so that the city status can be transparently displayed to the public and form information interaction.

Bonfire's Smart City Operations Center is a perfect combination of technology and art driven by the needs of management, display, operations and services. Among them, 烽火众智 has rich experience and case in the design of public security command center and emergency command center. It has investigated more than 1,200 cases in the world for the Tiananmen Command and Dispatching Center project and the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau command hall project, and gradually determined that it currently has The most distinctive feature of the smart city operation center with scientific and rational space is the realization of the mode of "flat warfare".

In the system design, Bonfire can provide an operation platform that satisfies the centralized management and unified display of urban data; in the space design, it can provide the basic space environment and atmosphere of the city management operation home field; in industrial design, it provides the personnel at all levels of the operation center. The humanized working environment and equipment make every detail meet the actual needs of long-term operation; in the display design, provide different solutions for urban managers, operation center personnel and the public, and form a "flat warfare" combined operation center. Operating mode.

Years of technical accumulation guarantee

Behind the Smart City Operations Center is a solid technical foundation for the campfire. From the application portal, basic support, reliable bearer, and aggregation node of the operation center, to the source of the city's sensory information and the security system, the technology accumulation and strength guarantee of the campfire have been reflected for many years.

The application portal of the operation center realizes the unified management and operation of the system in the system integration. It also provides applications for various industries while collecting data of various industries. At the same time, it combines the spatial data generated by the citizens' life to bring great value to the city operation. The Smart City Operation Center is able to display the best display of urban spatial information, break through the bottlenecks of urban operations, and enhance the intelligence of urban life.

The operation center realizes data integration and intelligent processing, and meets the full-cycle demand of massive data collection, storage, exploration, application and even control, providing data support for industrial applications. Urban big data fusion and application, urban cloud and industry cloud provide data support for urban operation, can process and explore the massive data that is perceived at different depths, thus providing users with different levels, types and types of low cost and high efficiency. The intelligent service required.

The aggregation node of the operation center is a large-scale intelligent data service management terminal customized for development - smart cabin. The urban cloud data can be truly applied to the application, and the systems are truly integrated in the actual operation level, forming a system closure of “cloud”, “pipe” and “end”.

The information perception of the operation center is derived from the front-end sensing devices throughout the city. It also comes from the management data of various departments, the business data of each enterprise unit, and the living data of each citizen and group. This ensures that the operation center is “early and bright”. .

The security of the operation center comes from a unified localization service support mechanism. A set of security mechanisms is used to ensure the security process of the system operation, and the high-reliability local security scheme conforming to the national standard is used to improve the security technology level and ensure the information security of the city operation.

The Smart City Operation Center of Bonfire has been deployed in many cities across the country to help the city's smart operations, including the Internet of Things dispatching command center of the National Political Activity Operation Center, the operational command center of the Beijing Olympic Games and the Shanghai World Expo, and the Eye of Wisdom. Such as the mega-level monitoring and operation center of the domestic large-scale cities and the operation center of the smart business district.

Bonfire's Smart City Operation Center uses cloud computing, IoT technology applications and communication networks to create smart city groups, promote the comprehensive application of information technology in social production and life, and serve the people's livelihood, serve the government, and serve the enterprise. To realize the all-round informationization of modern cities.

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