Game giant talks about virtual reality

Game giant talks about virtual reality

At the Oculus Connect conference last week, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, the development company of the famous game engine Unreal Engine, received a visit from the Re/code website, sharing the Epic Games's situation in virtual reality and his views on virtual reality.

Tim Sweeney is very optimistic about the future of virtual reality. Although the current development of virtual reality is still relatively slow, Sweeney believes that virtual reality will become the mainstream display and human-computer interaction mode after 10 years or more. At that time, people will wear virtual reality devices like sunglasses, and virtual images and reality will be displayed together. The interaction is naturally performed through gestures. No keyboard and mouse are needed, and you don't need to extend your hand into your pocket or cell phone as you do now.

In addition to games and demonstrations, Tim Sweeney is also very optimistic about virtual reality for the creation of virtual content. Unreal engine editors are also moving in the direction of virtual reality. Today's 3D designers can only create three-dimensional models by moving their mouse within a two-dimensional screen. Through virtual reality technology, designers can present in the virtual three-dimensional space by capturing, squeezing, and sculpting. The three-dimensional model in front of him is modeled to truly achieve WYSIWYG. This technology is also suitable for architectural design and industrial design.

Referring to competitor Unity, Tim Sweeney expressed respect for Unity's tremendous promotional role in game development, but he believes that the main difference between Unreal and Unity is that the Unreal engine is dedicated to creating high quality AAA-level big production games. Both are currently increasing their support for the development of virtual reality games. There are also many virtual reality games based on both. Given that mobile games and virtual reality games are more rapidly iterated by small teams, the Unreal engine is also trying to adapt to small teams and short-cycle development processes, but not at the expense of high quality.

Finally, with respect to augmented reality and mixed reality, Tim Sweeney believes that the main direction of development at this stage is still virtual reality, and there may be breakthroughs within a year or two. Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality may be a bit farther away, but virtual reality products and augmented reality products are only two separate concepts at this stage. In the future, both will actually evolve in the direction of convergence, and ultimately they will be miniaturized and provided to the public. The best experience.

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