ORICO 6818US3 SATA3.0 serial port hard disk drive out of the box experience

Last year, a new machine was installed, and two 3.5-inch mechanical hard disks were added because the 3.5-inch HDD sounded a bit louder in the chassis (my chassis was on the desktop). It was too noisy, so when it was installed, The 2.5-inch HDD used for the disk is much louder. However, stand-alone games are placed on the inside of the 3.5-inch, in order to facilitate the game to buy an external hard disk box, with the increase in the hands of the 3.5-inch HDD, sometimes have to open the hard disk when you change the hard disk The box (the box is screw-fixed, the point of disassembly is troublesome), and the original hard disk box read and write speed is also slow! Then there is the idea of ​​a hard disk drive, of course, is the most concerned about the speed of reading and writing, it was found ORICO this hard drive seat, read the reading and writing speed is also good, just in the Tmall orders, the purchase price: 114 yuan. Before using ORICO's HUB, the brand's impression was not bad.

Attached to the link, in the mother's inquiries, Tmall historical low price is 89 yuan, 99 yuan Jingdong, to give you a reference â–¼

ORICO 6618US3 SATA3.0 high-speed hard disk base universal 2.5/3.5 inch serial port hard disk silver 159 yuan Jingdong direct link ORICO 6818US3 SATA3.0 Serial HDD Holder - Tmall.com - Tmall, Enough List.tmall.com Direct Links to Hands Out of the Box

Simple package â–¼

The back of the box is product introduction â–¼

Remove the packaging â–¼

Open the box to see the hard drive seat, because they do not need mutual copy of the hard disk, so it started with a single disk, enough â–¼

The following layer is the power supply and connecting cable of the HDD holder and manual â–¼

Wire Interface USB3.0 â–¼

The power output of the hard disk drive is 12V=2000MAâ–¼

Appearance and workmanship details

This size of ORICO hard drive seat is personally considered to be the right size and does not take up space on the desktop â–¼

Interface can see the identity of the prompts compatible with 3.5-inch and 2.5HDD, saying that I have more 3.5-inch disk, 2.5-inch are mobile hard disk â–¼

SATA3.0 serial port â–¼

There are three interfaces on the back, namely USB3.0 interface, power interface and power switch interface. The switch interface has to be powered down after every power off. After powering on, the HUB with power switch in his home is also like this. â–¼

Side of hard disk mount â–¼

There is a pad at the bottom of the hard drive seat, which acts as a non-slip and shock absorber â–¼

Workmanship is still good, plastic and metal gap is not large â–¼

Plug in the hard disk effect â–¼

On the back of the line, I did not use the original white wire, with the original black wire of the external hard disk box, I think this will take some more â–¼

Side view of the sense â–¼

Here we have to explain, the hard drive is not very stable after the upper part of the hard disk is plugged in with the interface, there is a sense of shaking, but there is no problem in the actual use â–¼

To the top view, I personally feel that the black wire is better with the box â–¼


Let's talk about noise first. The result of testing with mobile phone software is: 55DB. It can also be accepted in practical use. If the night is in a quiet environment, the volume of this noise is still obvious, but the heat dissipation is better than in the hard disk box. This is also a fish bear paw can not have it

Then use HD Tune to test the speed. I use a Seagate 2TB HDD and see a maximum transmission speed of more than 200 M. The average speed of 161.6M is still significantly higher than the speed of my previous hard disk box. The average speed of the previous hard disk box has not exceeded 100 â–¼.

Benchmark â–¼

Hard Disk Information Referenceâ–¼

Additional test data referenceâ–¼

Finally copy the speed of a large file (this speed may not be the reason for the empty disk test, the hard disk itself has more than 1T of data) â–¼

to sum up

Advantages: 1. Convenient and quick, reading speed can also be 2. With sleep function 3. With power switch design

Disadvantages: After power off, you have to press the power switch again every time. His own HUB is also like this!


ONU equipment is composed of core functional circuits, power supply and management and other common units and communication interfaces. The core functional blocks of ONU include user and service multiplexing functions, transmission multiplexing functions, and ODN interface functions. User and service multiplexing functions include assembling information from each user, allocating information to be transmitted to each user, and connecting a single service interface function; transmission multiplexing function includes analyzing the signal from the ODN and extracting the part belonging to the ONU and reasonable The information to be sent to the ODN is arranged locally; the ODN interface function provides a series of optical physical interface functions, including optical/electrical and electrical/optical conversion.
If each ONU uses more than one optical fiber to connect to the ODN, then there is more than one physical interface. The ONU service function block provides user-side functions, which includes providing user service interfaces and adapting user information to the form of 64kbit/s or n×64kbit/s; this function block can serve one or several users and can be based on The physical interface provides signaling conversion function. ONU general function blocks provide power supply functions and system operation, management and maintenance (OAM) functions. The power supply function includes AC to DC or DC to AC, and the power supply mode is local power supply or remote power supply. Several ONUs can share a power supply. ONUs should also work normally when powered by a backup power supply.

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