Practical choice, life stunning - EDIFIER Edifier W290BT Bluetooth sports headset

I. Introduction.

In recent years, as people's attention to health has increased, the heat waves of the national fitness wave have swept across the waves. Listening to music while exercising has become a sport that many people like. For some sports enthusiasts, listening to some rhythmic music in the sport can relieve fatigue to a certain extent, motivate themselves, and distract attention and reduce the sense of physical discomfort. Sports headphones are highly sought after in this wave, many manufacturers have to join in the production of sports headphones and publicity, and scrambling to share this piece of cake.

This test product is EDIFIER wanderer W290BT wireless Bluetooth sports headset. Founded in 1996, EDIFIER Cruiser is currently the No. 1 in the country and the second largest professional multimedia audio company in the world. Rambler focused on audio technology research and development and product applications for many years, its product line covers multimedia computer speakers, home audio, car audio, headphones and other fields, renowned for excellent sound quality, excellent workmanship and forward-looking design, the product has won international The authoritative award has a high reputation and good reputation in the industry. In 2010, Edifier successfully landed on the A-share market and was selected as the first batch of "national trademark strategy implementation model enterprises." (from Baidu's entry)

Second, the use of experience.

1, appearance display.

Thanks to Aunt Zhang for giving me this opportunity to test. The aunt rushed the express delivery before the Spring Festival and was familiar with the SF packaging bags. The familiar value was up.

The box is packaged in white cardboard cartons with side opening and magnetic design. Box introduction atmosphere.

W290BT has launched a total of light gold, titanium black red and titanium black three color, I received the titanium black and red.

Open the box, headphones blinblin shine, love.

The shell of the earphone is made of plastic and has electroplating and piano paint on the surface. While ensuring lightness, the appearance of the earphone is exquisite and beautiful. Also equipped with a storage box, strong pressure, easy to accommodate headphones and accessories. There are usb data cables and spare silicone earmuffs in the storage box. Inside the storage box there is a foamy soft compartment to ensure that the beautiful painted surface of the headphones will not be scratched.

W290BT's accessories include storage box, USB charging cable, manual, warranty card and 8 pairs of black and red color silicone earmuffs of different sizes. The matching earmuffs of different sizes can allow the user to change the adjustment according to their own situation to achieve the best results.

The surface of the headset is fine, smooth and delicate. Red and black color generous and dazzling, I like it.

Remove the earmuffs can be seen, the cavity is an integrated design, workmanship is not bad, the interface tightly sealed. In order to achieve the effect of waterproof and dustproof.

Wire control is rubber material, black and red with a very beautiful. The three buttons above are the power button and the volume plus/minus button. Different buttons can be used for a variety of functions such as music switching, pause, play, call answer, and hang up. On the side of the wire is a USB charging connector and a dust plug. There is a small hole on the back of the wire, which is the microphone port.

The W290BT product has a nominal weight of 12.5 grams. Home baking is weighed, 12.0g. Home baking said that there may be a certain error, but it should be little error, you can indicate the actual weight is still in line with the number of publicity. The W290BT is small and light and does not add extra burden to the sport.

2, Bluetooth connection stability test.

According to the publicity, W290BT adopts imported CSR Bluetooth chipset, Bluetooth 4.1 technology, and supports HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth protocol. The pairing speed is fast and stable, and it supports simultaneous pairing with two mobile phones. The effective use distance is 10 meters.

The initial Bluetooth connection is very convenient. The headset is close to the mobile phone. Press the power button for five seconds to enter the Bluetooth mobile phone pairing mode. Turn on Bluetooth, search for Bluetooth devices and select EDIIFIER W290BT. The connection speed is still very fast.

The W290BT will automatically connect to the last device the next time it is turned on. This is also very convenient.

At the same time, W290BT also supports one-to-two connections, which can be connected with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

The following is a trial in several different scenarios (test sites are at home) to test the stability of the Bluetooth connection.

(1) Scenario 1, there are no obstacles between the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset.

When the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is 10.3 meters, the Bluetooth connection in all directions is stable and the music plays smoothly. It is consistent with the official claim that Bluetooth effectively uses a distance of 10 meters.

(2) Scenario 2: There is a building load bearing wall between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset.

When the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is less than or equal to 5.9 meters, the Bluetooth connection in all directions is stable and the music plays smoothly.

When the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is 7.2 meters, the Bluetooth connection in some directions is unstable and the music is intermittent. When facing the phone, Bluetooth plays music normally. When turning to the side and back, Bluetooth is unstable and music is intermittent.

(3) Scenario 3: There are two building load bearing walls in the mobile phone and Bluetooth headset.

When the phone is 3.7 meters away from the Bluetooth headset, the Bluetooth connection is interrupted and the music stops completely.

In summary, the official claim that Bluetooth effective use distance is 10 meters, as long as it is not under the barrier of multiple obstacles, there is no problem. This distance is enough for normal use.

3, wearing comfort and firmness.

The W290BT is only 12g, and it is also compact in size with L and R marked on the cavity. Select the earmuffs of the right size and wear it. After adjusting the length of the wire with the buckle, you can make it more stable. It is still relatively comfortable to wear and there is no discomfort when worn for a long time.

When the length of the wire rod is not adjusted, the earphone wire and the collar may cause the earphone to fall off during running. After several attempts to adjust it, there was no more shedding in 2 km of running.

There is still a slight stethoscope effect during long-term wear.

To sum up, as an in-ear earphone, the comfort and firmness of W290BT is good.

4, sound quality.

The importance of sound quality in sports headphones should not be as good as that of ordinary headphones. After all, it is not to sit quietly listening to music. Imagine if you sweated and breathed while you were running. Who cares about the quality of sound? When I am exercising, I usually listen to dynamic songs with strong rhythm. For example, rock-style music can help me relieve some of my fatigue when I exercise. I don't have high requirements for the sound quality of sports headphones, but the sound quality of W290BT still gave me some surprises. By actually listening to the test, I feel that it has more balanced tri-band frequencies, brighter high-frequency sounds, full-bodied mid-range sounds, and flexible low-frequency sounds. This is a good performance in sport headphones at this price point.

5, charging and battery life.

Bluetooth headsets are built-in batteries, if at the same time as a sports headset, you definitely want the longer the battery life as possible. But this is also a contradiction: the larger the built-in battery capacity, the greater the volume and weight of the headset and the inconvenience of wearing it during sports. Therefore, how to control the volume and weight of the headset and how to effectively increase the battery capacity and long battery life is a problem for every manufacturer.

The W290BT's battery capacity is 130mAh. There is a USB charging port on the side of the remote control. There is a prompt on the wire: “Please use the charger with 5V output voltage and the original charging cable for the headset to charge the product”. The back prompt: “Do not use the quick charger (output voltage 8v-12v) Charge the product."

The official stated that the charging time is about 2 hours and the working time is 8 hours. The W290BT finally shut down automatically when the headset was out of power. The buzzing sound is really harsh. Start charging and battery life test.

Charging began at 12:03 a.m. and charging completed at 13:57 p.m. It took 1 hour and 54 minutes to use a 5V charger. The official promotion charge time is about 2 hours.

14:04 began to play music, single cycle Su Shi's "Please Come With Me", the volume is a medium volume for indoor wear, let me be surprised that W290BT has been playing music until 0:07 am the next day it runs out of electricity automatically Shut down. Actually worked for ten hours! ! ! It actually took 2 hours more than the 8 hours of official promotion. Considering that the volume of the test is not too high, even if you increase the volume, it should be no problem to support 8 hours. In this regard, the rambler is still sincere, unlike some brands often exaggerating publicity.

During the ten hours of play, the power consumption of the red rice note3 cell phone used in the test fell from 77% to 32% (there was no other program, and occasionally brushing Aunt Zhang, replying to WeChat).

Summing up, life time, W290BT life time is long, like one!

6, waterproof.

W290BT claims to be IPX4 waterproof, ie splash-proof, without any harmful effects of water splashes in any direction. IPX4 waterproof indicates that sweat and rain splashed on the headphones during exercise will not affect the headphones, but it will not reach the level that can be soaked in water. The front also saw the W290BT cavity integration design is not bad.

The instructions for use are also stated more cautiously as: “Keep the product dry, do not put it in a wet place, so as not to affect the internal circuit of the product. It is necessary to avoid using this product when there is a lot of intense exercise or sweating, to prevent perspiration from penetrating into the product. Products (see below).

Recently, in winter, the temperature is relatively low, and the amount of sweat in running is not so large that it can flow into the ear. It is also not good to do destructive experiments (it is really afraid of being soaked in water and then hung out and hung up). However, according to the IPX4 waterproof claimed by W290BT, it should be sufficient for my little sweating exercise.

7, security.

When running outdoors, there must be some isolation from outside noise. However, the soundproofing ability is too good and it is easy to cause accidents. Of course, if it is used in an indoor scene such as a gym, this safety basically does not need to be considered. So if it is outdoor sports, sports headphones can best balance the two.

I wear W290BT to go shopping in downtown. I feel that the soundproof effect is not bad. I can effectively shield the noise on the street to a certain extent. I can still hear the sound of a car whistle. Of course, I like the volume when listening to music. Appropriate, do not deafening effect.

Wearing W290BT at night running, running a lot more quiet than downtown, so there is a car whistle sound or listen clearly. So, in terms of security, I think the performance of W290BT is OK.

8, price.

Personally think that in the 200 yuan gear Bluetooth sports machine, W290BT performance is relatively balanced. In particular, the battery life has a great advantage over many products with the same price. It is a product with higher cost performance.

Third, summary.

Advantages: 1. Bright design. 2. Light weight. 3. Wear comfortable. 4. Balanced sound quality. 5. Long battery life.

Disadvantages: 1. There is a slight stethoscope effect.

If you can increase the magnetic absorption of headphones will be better, you can pick off the headset when you can embrace the neck, do not worry about the loss of headphones.

To sum up, in the 200-yuan Bluetooth sports headset, W290BT performance is relatively balanced. In particular, the battery life is much better than many products with the same price. It can be seen that Edifier Cruiser, as a veteran audio manufacturer, has also made many efforts in the production of sports headphones. W290BT is a very sincere product and worth recommending.

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