# Original Innovator # EDC of a Third-tier City Staff

In the twinkling of an eye, it took more than two years for Zhang Aunt to dive. As a bystander, he witnessed the continuous development and expansion of the color devils and their crowds, and he went further and further along the way. Among them, especially interested in the original version of the EDC and home improvement content, now on their own EDC, hope everyone criticism.

1, shoulder bag. Since taking part in the work, there have been numerous exchange packages, including a leather briefcase known as leather around RMB 200 in the local leather city, a leather satchel in Central Asia, and a cross-border canvas bag that was once used by the wealthiest family. Simply talk about their own use of feelings: the local leather city bag is really not recommended, the quality is far from outrageous, that 200 packages a year later all kinds of fall off, could not bear to look straight, but! The Chinese people have unlimited COPY capabilities. When they have free time, they can stroll around the site to experience the style of being in-kind. They will have confidence in their own independent selection of packages in the later period. The quality of packages in Central Asia will feel good, and the 14-year-old looks like a popular shoulder bag. Sub-second killing one, after being taken away by his father, except for slightly worn corners, other parts are still bright as new ... .... Now that the link is gone, see the history screenshot below:

Teemzone new portable Messenger bag

By the end of the year, his wife felt that some 30 people had a canvas bag every day. They had lost their bodies. The COACH US official website drew a bag, brought back a friend's human flesh, and used it for more than a year. The bottom corners of the bag were worn slightly. Kok said, Why is it that I always hurt?) The more you use it, the more it tastes. . Official website link can not be found, find a similar.

2, wallet. Thanks to Auntie, let me know that the wallet is also called fiscal cloth, which is very important. If used properly, it will affect personal financial strength. Therefore, after the 11-year-old double-11 grab bag "retired" in 11 years, it began to struggle with the selection of its own wallet. Inspired by Aunt's original ideas, the combination of short and long is suitable for me. Short paragraphs are carried daily and long money is available at any time. My mother no longer has to worry about losing something. The short wallet style has been removed from the shelf, purchased by Vipshop, Hirsenen, said the trademark of this brand is really ugly, colorful. However, the quality is acceptable. Jingdong links are as follows:

Hayson Meyer Horsemen crocodile tail men's short wallet multi-function card package fashion European and American business leather wallet coffee color 509 yuan Jingdong direct link

, receiving physical goods is like this:

Long package selection more twists and turns, initially intended to enter the GUCCI, feeling 4,5 thousand to buy a few layers of skin do not know too much luxury, has not resolved to start with determination, after referencing BURBERRY, FENDI, etc., the price completely desperate. Still relying on Aunt Zhang's original article, the quality of MUJI's wallet is still acceptable, and the price/performance ratio is acceptable, and MUJI's long dark brown wallet is purchased at the local original price. The use of the overall feel is acceptable, but still can not perfectly accommodate the landlord's colored membership card ... ..., the proposal of more friends or try to choose a bigger one. The MUJI official website address is as follows:

Italy tanned leather long wallet 898 yuan muji China official website direct link

3, mobile phones. The main machine: MATE7, high with gold; spare machine: Apple 5C. Personally feel that since the 4G network scale operation, smart terminals have not been substantially changed in style and performance, and there has been no major change in nature. Therefore, since the listing of the legs of a smart wife, the screen has been replaced with a rear cover assembly and brush. After a version, the performance still better meets the demand. It usually takes more than a day to use electricity, which shows that Huawei products are sincere. The reference models include Huawei MATE9 PRO, Mimi MIX, Blackberry, or Sony Dafa. It can be seen that the taste of the landlord is really mixed. Suggest friends to choose models, can try to consider the high with the election of high distribution, in the later software installation, use the feeling is really not low with comparable. Prepare the machine 5C, the family eliminated the model, do not use the traffic hotspot on weekdays, although no sense, but the landlord still gave it a cap with a crazy horse skin. Have to say, 5C in the positioning of Apple is really not very accurate, private thought 4 and 4S is still Apple's generation classic, although it does not support 4G (to be able to support the more good ...), configuration than the current mainstream models Low, but put it together with the current glass backplane models (such as Glory 8), it is estimated that I will still choose Apple 4th generation models. 5C model is too old after all, see physical (add version ~)

4, the key. Similar to the course of the original package, the roadside stalls were a five-dollar stainless steel belt buckle, and all kinds of keys were slam-drums; after that, leather keys, leather key bags, and if they were male friends, if they were carrying There are many keys, if suddenly there is something that needs to be returned, if it is summer ..., leather keybags are not very recommended, put the bottom of the car to drive away the inconvenience, put the trousers drum powerful, as determined to 13 how can I endure. Until this is encountered,. KEYSMART, this thing momentarily manipulated the unruly pigman. After two months, he pulled out the grass and entered the titanium alloy plate. It was really very light and it was recommended for everyday use.

but! This stuff really tests hands-on ability because my big country has too many key models. In order to match this kind of storage, I replaced all the keys on hand with this one, during which it was difficult because of the locksmith's craft.

Fortunately, there is no such thing in all my keys, or I can only change the lock...

Taobao search KEYSMART, the basic fidelity around the price of 150-290. The last physical object is as follows:

5, kindle. The landlord is a good book person, not a good book person. In the past few years, buying and buying basically filled the cabinets in the home, and most of them had not finished reading and self-examination. Before using the domestic Hanwang, the price is forgotten, support PDF, TXT, WORD format, but limited performance: download text format layout is poor, affecting reading; page delay effect is too obvious, affect mood; unable to connect to the network, Ask 2G network who can tolerate now.... Adhere to two years, with the end of 16 into paperwhite3. Referring to the horizontal comparison of the KINDLE model of the forum Great God, PAPERWHITE3 is really a choice for people who care about the pocket of the meter. Do not know whether it is not the end of the year the company will be KINDLE as a raffle gift, the landlord has been cut down a few single, customer service explain the lack of goods, friends, you start too slow ... .... One day accidentally rolled over the dog east, there are goods! Power adapter + film + leather + host, 1400 get, you can basically count on VOYAGE. However, VOYAGE+ and above accessories are basically available on OASIS. As far as OASIS is concerned, local tyrants should skip it. This is a considerable pressure. Jingdong links are as follows:

Kindle Paperwhite New Upgraded 6-Inch Non-Reflexive Electronic Ink Touch Screen Wi-Fi eBook Reader Black 958 Newest and Most Balanced Kindle, Once and For All Reading Choice Jingdong Direct Links View Encyclopedia


6. Sony (SONY) NWZ-A17. Use feelings, occasionally can not sleep at night, listening to hypnosis, saying that the sound quality is really good, comes with radio function, long standby time, usually the computer can supply power. However, the screen is a little small, and the resolution of the picture is not high, and 13 is slightly insufficient. The 17th version is gone. There are only 25 versions. Jingdong links are as follows:

Sony (SONY) NW-A25 mp3 lossless music player HD noise reduction Sony walkman silver 999 yuan to enjoy most of Sony's features at the same time also brought noise reduction Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

7. Finally, all kinds of small objects (from left to right: headphones, U disk, zippo, eye drops, Swiss army knife, Glide dental floss, muji kit, 3M masks).

Headphone, Edifier H297 flagship in-ear headphones, Jingdong 399,12 interest-free period. Originally, the box for purely earphone storage was good (note, I am not a Virgo.) I can't hear too much of my fungus, and I often feel reluctant to bring with my sweat. I just feel that the world is quiet. Jingdong links are as follows:

EDIFIER H297 flagship in-ear earphone earbuds dark iron 599 yuan Jingdong direct link

U disk, SanDisk Extreme (CZ80) 32GB, Jingdong start. With the interface that used to 2.0, it is really felt that it is flying in the initial contact 3.0. . Zippo, a pair of 11 wealthy home purchase, I do not smoke, use: tobacco entertainment. Eye drops, golden color, after use, that acid cool, it is recommended to use a computer for more than 3 hours on weekdays, long-term reserves, saying that silver is not bad. Swiss Army Knife, a friend of European travel gifts. Saying that the gifts that came out and came back at that time are basically all this stuff. There are not many other functions. The highest frequency is to cut the fruit. Glide floss, bad landlord teeth, standing items after the toothpaste. MUJI kits, vitamins, probiotics, and traditional Chinese medicines are available on weekdays.

The above items are carried on weekdays. Notebooks are not taken around on weekdays.

Indoor Led Kiosk Eposter

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This Type of indoor led Xposter also called led AD player is one of new applications for led displays. Developed from led screens, it is more suitable and friendly to operate.

Function of Xposter is as following:

Ultra slim& light weight. Installation friendly

Xposter has been engineered with latest technologies to give smoother, slimmer profile. It's crafted in beautiful anodized light weight& duralble aluminum body to make entire poster framce less than 35KGS. More portable and easier to install.

Plug and Play Media player. No Configuration.

Update your digital content in the powerfull built in media play via wifi or USB. Easy to follow on screen menu makes it absolutely simple to schedule your content and complicated configuration needed.

Front Serviceable

You'll love the speedy convenience of doing servicing of panel module replacement from front with just a magnet tool.

Easy Controll & operation

High refresh rate and 128 steps of gradation controll. No Pc required, Thus saves on cost, increases reliability and makes operations simpler.

Intelligent Management.

Xposter is pre-integrated software enables you to connect it with a PC or Android devices from a single location via rj45, wifi,3G, USD and HDMI. That makes it extremely easy to identify your display and manage settings.

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