Watch the survival skills necessary: ​​HyperX Kingston Cloud Core gaming headset unpacking

The next tragic story is posted here. As a special student party, it is a headache for every festival. Why?

As a DIY hardware enthusiast, I brought all my beloved playthings to the student dormitories. It wasn’t because I didn’t speak. In addition to the ITX platform on the school’s map, my closet’s playthings can also be picked up by a machine. Fortunately, send this ITX small host package courier to send home, monitors and those hardware are left in school, anyway, the short winter will soon return to school a month, the host will certainly be brought back, the daily Internet to see the information All of them are in the province.

This year's summer school is rather special. The dormitories must inform valuables that they should be taken away. The quilts can be put in the closet, but they must be sealed and heard the WTF! I am so ah, but still precious electronic products, so I went to school after a few days in order to pack things up, but fortunately I'm not alone, the squad leader wants to calculate the final grades, there is still a grade, and so on. That day drunk drunk every day

Others bring their clothes back with a notebook. I bring them. The original packaging of the monitor and the host are kept so that they are sent back. These scattered things are more fragile, and there are not so many cartons for me to pack, and they send back the courier fees together. A lot of it, so put the box back and drag it back.

When the computer moves away, the table is empty, but still pick up so many things

Why did you pull so many eggs? Why buy a headset? In fact, I am not an ear burn party, but as a hardware enthusiast has a slightly higher requirement for each of their own equipment (you see the first picture will know) but the headset will not buy too high price (host Beats is a friend), but will not buy any cottage goods do not want to disgusting themselves, in fact, early notice Kingston's HyperX Cloud Core, last year to see a evaluation room evaluation evaluation is quite good, the price is not expensive for me this kind of casual use Really enough, and buy headphones because I put the audio and microphone did not bring back the dormitory, the box is really no place to put so big audio, just want to buy headphones, and in the school is usually open in the dormitory and roommates , LOL, watch, ah, CF, if everyone does not open the black together, they really interfere with each other, especially if I want to see the forum browsing information they are playing games, buy a headset isolated interference is the two ears do not hear the window Things to do with the read-only sage book, and this time I bought a headset for a vacation

Before opening the box:

Kingston people can no longer be unfamiliar, the most famous storage brand, in recent years began to enter the peripherals, and now the game boom led the major hardware manufacturers' products are the main game concept, and some hardware brands are directly into the In the field of peripherals, Kingston is one of them, but Kingston is a bit weird. It doesn't do a mouse and keyboard. Instead, it begins with a headset. It's really Too young too simple.


Well, the packaging is HyperX, a typical red and black style, but the packaging does not have a brand name of Kingston, highlighting HyperX as the brand. If you have seen Kingston's official website, Kingston's product list has no headphones at all and can only go to HyperX. The official website found that Kingston HyperX headphones currently belong to the CLOUD series, a total of four, the price from low to high is divided into, 200-300 yuan file Cloud Drone, 300-400 yuan file Cloud Core, 700-800 yuan file Cloud II and the Cloud Revolver 900-1000, the price positioning is also very accurate, Cloud Drone and Cloud Core price gap is not large, but the modeling texture is indeed a lot worse, do not add dozens to buy Cloud Core that I really was sometime naive

On the back there is a graphic introduction, but still look behind the real thing

The team that signed the contract, I don’t know anyone honestly because I’m not paying attention to these

One-off packaging, it can be very Kingston

Instructions, the following damp-proof sponge, the sponge is the headset below ~

Core is the core meaning, Cloud Drone's accessories and packaging are indeed much more streamlined than the higher-end Cloud II, without fancy packaging, no wiring, no plush earmuffs, and USB sound card, it is only left The headset is the core, but as the main e-sports product, the microphone must not be less

The appearance of the Core is the same as the higher-order Cloud II appearance. The aluminum alloy frame structure is black and red. However, this model is very QPAD. Peripheral drivers, especially headphones, are sure to be familiar with this appearance, and the QPAD headphones are the same. Mould, so the appearance is almost exactly the same, put aside this talk, say the appearance, red HyperX logo plus the first red beam of the suture to the headset dotting, will not seem very ordinary, very ~ very routine enough city

Separate microphone, headphone distribution line, including headphone audio plugs are all gold-plated, wire woven mesh material

The middle metal outer ring of the earmuff is a skin material that is easy to be fingerprinted. The metal wire drawing can't improve the quality of the earphone. Compared to the Cloud Drone, the plastic does not know where to go.

Artificial leather earmuffs oval structure, can fit the human ear, the sponge is also very soft

Earmuffs support replaceable

Head beam HyperX show printing stitches neat, red line really embellishment

The thickness of the head beam is nearly two centimeters, and the softness is moderate, so it is very supportive.

6-speed adjustable

As a separate microphone, um~ this is the jack, don't lose this eraser cover, don't lose it, don't lose it!

Can be inserted very fit

experience feelings:

Let's talk about wearing comfort, headphones do not like what the keyboard and mouse feel like, in addition to better sound resolution, wear comfort is particularly critical, Cloud Core artificial leather earmuffs elliptical structure, the human ear fit Well, the sponge is soft, so it's not too stressful. It's not particularly uncomfortable to wear for a long time. It's much better than a friend's Beats studio Wireless. After all, playing comfortably for a few hours is not only comfortable, As a headset, the seal is really good, very good to avoid outside interference, immersive feeling better, and the actual game performance, as the gaming headset he must have the necessary resolution, eh ~ especially play watch chaos The scene can be decomposed to hear different sounds and make good judgments. It's really better than my patriot who broke the sound and I don’t know where I’m going. This is how this headset gives me the most real feelings. After all, it’s any sense of putting in a headset. 2.0 can not be compared with the sound, sometimes when the technology is not enough to really have to pile the hardware, but not a quiet environment, no matter how good the headset sound is crap, so Worn as a headset tightness is indeed very suitable for our students to use in a noisy dorm room, one is not to disturb other people, do not bother yourself. In short, this big headphone, sex can be used, the appearance is not low, forcing the media, the major web site forum media evaluation of him is not bad, especially cost-effective, anyway, I think did not buy wrong, do not know how to look at you

In addition, why the headset is so important, for an FPS game, footsteps are particularly important, we all know the CS or CF are required to rely on footsteps to determine the direction and distance of the enemy, can do a good defense in advance or first to start strong , And I watch the pioneer not only through the footsteps to determine how far the enemy is away from you, but also by judging the difference in footsteps to determine what the hero is and the current state, different character skills sound is different, the speed of the footsteps Judgment is to walk or squawk. Judgment of footsteps such as widow sisters on high heels, angels, black lilies, high resolution of death in the attacking heroes in the footsteps are particularly heavy, McRae steps with bells, scorpions mad rats a look There was a turn, Winston's horseshoe, and some heavy people's thick footsteps, etc., but! When she encounters a suspended Zenith tower or a ghost in ghost form, it is almost as if he is forced to do so. Blizzard's father is indeed full of conscience.

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