The Olympic Games started to take off.

Compared with the World Cup single event, the Olympic Games can show more love, more universality, and broader audience. There is no doubt that television is an important channel. So, how to maximize the effectiveness of television and maximize the viewing effect of the Olympic Games?

It also summarizes how important TV brands such as Hisense, Skyworth, TCL, and LeTV watch the Olympic Games.

First, Hisense

In this regard, Hisense and China's Internet TV in-depth cooperation, relying on broadcast control platform, during the Olympics, Hisense Internet TV users can watch popular events, the first time cheering for the Chinese team.

In addition, Hisense Poly has launched a number of Olympic-related topics, including the "China Corps," "Focus on the field," "Zhuqiang expedition" and other daily dynamic schedule of the inventory, but also "fun" on the stadium The snares of internal and external Gonzo events; the real-time launch of the Olympic "Medal List" will allow users to understand the honors earned by athletes from various countries on the field and share the joy of winning the championships in China.

Second, Skyworth

On the eve of the opening of the Olympic Games, Skyworth China’s Dream Series G7 TV is fully listed, interpreting higher, faster, and stronger.

As the first flagship product of Skyworth's China Dream Series, the G7 has 49 mainstream sizes of 49"/50"/55"/60"/65" for consumers to choose from and has a strong performance in all aspects.

Third, TCL

As the main sponsor of China's men's basketball team, TCL will open “No C1, no exercise — take the front row and cheer for the championship” from August 5th to 7th in the country. The Olympic theme will benefit from promotions and is suitable for watching Olympic events. 9.9mm ultra-thin curved surface television C1-CUD unprecedented, with the vast number of consumers, Chinese athletes cheer, cheering for the Olympics.

"It feels like sitting in the front row of the stadium, the sense of presence is super." The users who experienced C1 said that watching the game with C1, the rich scene atmosphere was blowing. It is understood that the C1-CUD creatively uses a 4000R gold visual curvature screen with the same curvature as the human eye, increasing the field of view of the screen by 15%. It is also equipped with a moon shadow surface sound to bring greater sound field resonance effects. The feeling of liveliness allows users to feel like being in the game scene.

Fourth, music as

LeTV is a big player in sports. In order to support the user's ecology, LeTV Sports has long started a buying, buying and buying model. Of course, it will naturally not be missed for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Before that, LeTV Sports and Amway Nutrilite held a press conference to jointly create the LeTV Olympic Channel. The official launch of the LeTV Olympic Channel began on July 28. Users can watch Olympic-related messages through the PC, Pad, mobile phone, LeTV, and LeTV. And events.

LeTV Sports will send a team to the Olympic Games to broadcast live reports to provide viewers with a 24-hour live broadcast. In addition, LeTV also integrates LeTV's stylistic star resources and launches numerous sports entertainment programs.

For example, Li Xiang led the "Championship Face to Face" and the first time interviewed the Olympic champion; Gao Xiaosong, Liu Jianhong, and Huang Jianxiang gathered in the "New Sanwei Liaozhai" to create an Olympic talk show; there was also "Chess Brothers" and "Astrology". The "soft sister", "Olympics", "Ways to listen to the map," and other multi-file games that look good and interesting, have now been launched on the LeTV Olympic Games.

The LeTV Olympics Channel is the exclusive new media partner of the China National Track Team, China Badminton Team, China National Bicycles, Fencing, Modern Five, Triathlon and Equestrian etc. Exclusive information for the national team. At the same time, LeTV Sports will also share media and internationally renowned sports clubs within and outside the United Nations to share scarce resources for reporting on the Olympic Games.

In addition to viewing information on the LeEco Olympics channel, users can also shop online, participate in quiz games, and participate in the Olympics event at the offline LePar Experience Store.

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