Dehao Runda gives up the acquisition of Osram

Dehao Runda announced on the evening of July 29 that after the company submitted a non-binding quotation letter to Osram, the two sides conducted several in-depth exchanges and negotiations on the details of the cooperation, but the two sides had major differences in business operations and business conditions. The company believes that the asset acquisition is difficult to achieve the expected synergy and decided to give up.

Osram is the world's second largest manufacturer of optoelectronic semiconductors, headquartered in Munich, Germany; its main business includes traditional bulbs and ballasts, LED light sources, lighting business, special lighting business (including automotive lights, etc.), optoelectronic semiconductor business (including LED Chips, etc.). The assets that OSRAM intends to sell are assets of traditional light sources and LED light sources.

In August last year, after several rounds of negotiations, Dehao Runda and Osram signed a confidentiality agreement. The company reached a preliminary agreement on a cooperative acquisition with a state-level industrial fund, and hired a well-known international investment bank, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, as the asset acquisition. The main intermediary.

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