Automotive intelligent LED will become mainstream automotive lamps

According to industry experts, by 2013, about 95% of the world's new cars will use LED in taillight lighting. The market size of LED auto lamps will generate an annual output value of 3 billion yuan. It is expected that the penetration rate in 2015 will reach 70%.

In recent years, LED lighting has become more and more popular among automotive manufacturers due to its advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, longevity, low heat, shock resistance, good color rendering, and quick response. Many high-end models have adopted LED. With the improvement of LED technology and cost reduction, LED has not only been applied in high-end models, but has also been used in large areas such as Tianjin FAW Xiali, Chongqing Changan, BYD, and other low-end sedan signals.

Automotive smart LED will become the mainstream automotive lighting However, LED lighting companies still face numerous obstacles into the car light market. First of all, LED lighting companies do not belong to specialized lighting companies. They do not understand the requirements of the international standard system. The company's development and production standards system is lacking. Second, LED lighting companies lack the demand for traction in the vehicle and have to develop their own functional prototypes. Again, due to the incomplete configuration of experimental equipment, LED lighting companies design products in the short time stability and safety are also difficult to meet the requirements of the depot standards, etc., restricting the entry of LED lighting companies.

LED costs remain high, lighting prices are high, middle and low-grade cars are difficult to accept. The vast majority of auto makers of domestic brands are pursuing low cost, and the production models are basically foreign models that are relatively mature. It is difficult for manufacturers to directly change the design of car headlights, which restricts the demand for LED lights to some extent.

In the marketing model, the pre-installation market for electronic products will be equipped when the automobile factory leaves the factory, and the access threshold is relatively high. This is basically a support within the vehicle system. This market is difficult for domestic LED lamp companies. Cut in. Therefore, competition is mainly reflected in the aftermarket of sales channels such as 4S stores and auto parts and accessories in the pre-installed market. The aftermarket is a completely competitive market. Although there are more chances, there are also products with uneven quality and low selling prices.

International high-end car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Toyota, Ford and others have introduced new-style cars with colorful LED lamps to attract customers, especially the application of Japanese cars to LED has been quite extensive. It is known as a car lamp that does not need to replace the bulb in one life, and is one of the most dazzling products in the world of automotive electronics.

At present, there is a big difference between the prices of LED lights and traditional lamps. For example, for a medium-to-high-end sedan, the incandescent lamp sets 120 yuan/set for the rear lamp, and the LED combination lamp requires 210 yuan/set. Therefore, LED prices have fallen sharply, luminous efficiency has been continuously improved, and heat-dissipation technology has been increasingly improved. This is the main focus of the development of LED automotive lamps in the future. Although there are still some problems that need to be solved, the LED's small size, vibration resistance, energy saving, long life, etc., these are the factors that increase the LED application inside and outside the car. With the continuous improvement of product technology and continuous expansion of product categories, the future of automobiles will develop toward security and intelligence.

After the EU and other countries announced the installation of new vehicles and the full ban on the use of incandescent lamps, the demand for LED lights and main lighting increased. At the same time, with the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s overall performance requirements for cars are increasing, and domestic brand cars will hardly achieve better results with low-cost and low-price competition. Domestic brand cars will also choose to increase their participation in competition, and the use of LED lights will increase rapidly.

Since the previous LED daytime running lights were all exported, the domestic market share and the popularization rate were still low. Many of the headlight conversion shops had insufficient knowledge of the installation techniques of the daytime running lights. However, it can be said that as the European Union has installed the daytime running light as a standard for car modification, domestic owners have also begun to pay attention to daytime light modification. Because, the market share of daytime running lights in the car modification will gradually expand, I believe this market can not be underestimated.

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