Looking at the future of the power supply market through the street lights is huge!

With the continuous improvement of road lighting energy-saving renovation projects, LED street lights are widely used in road lighting.

From the recent high-tech LED statistics, the local government LED lighting energy-saving renovation bidding situation found that from the end of 2015, LED street lighting tenders began to be active, and the scope gradually spread to all parts of the country, the outdoor lighting market has also warmed up.

As we all know, the power supply is the heart of LED lamps, and the outdoor lighting market has recovered. Then, whether the high-power power supply that is deeply mired in the "profit margin" situation can get out of the dilemma, LED people have different views on this.

The LED street lamp market has a promising future

According to the survey data of the High-tech Research Institute LED Research Institute (GGII), in 2015, the domestic LED street lamp market reached 6.5 billion yuan, and the annual growth rate was less than 10%.

It is understood that since entering 2016, the LED street lamp market has improved compared to last year. In this regard, many LED industry insiders have expressed their expectation for the future development of the LED street lamp market.

Chen Kai, chairman and president of Maple Yongming, said that although the total market of LED street lamps is not much this year, there are still some upward trends. The sales of Maple Yongming LED street lights increased by 30% - 40% compared to last year's sales.

Nowadays, with the rise of smart cities and the Internet of Things, the prospect of outdoor lighting is gradually optimistic. Intelligent street lights, Internet + street lights, street lights + optical communications, etc., have opened a new door for the development of LED street lights.

Xu Min, deputy general manager of Guangyu Lighting, believes that “LED street lights are not only to seek functionality, but also to pay attention to appearance.” With the rise of smart city construction, the LED road lighting market has considerable prospects.

LED street light market boosts power market development

The power supply is the heart of LED lamps, and the development of the LED street lamp market is also affecting the development of the high-power power market.

"The domestic high-power power supply market is fiercely competitive, and the price is constantly adjusted. The market supply demand is not growing much, and the profit is also decreasing. However, it is gratifying that Moso Electronics has compared its power performance in the first five months of this year. It has tripled last year and sales are within the expected range.” Ding Hua, general manager of Maoshuo Electronics, told Gaogong LED.

In fact, this year's domestic high-power power supply market has eased compared with previous years, and customers are more satisfied with product application feedback. The projects that actually landed are not as ideal as expected.

Yang Qinghua, vice president of sales of Yusheng Electronics, also pointed out that the current power industry is not very optimistic and is still in the reshuffle stage. Although the demand for power supplies is growing, but because of the increasing number of customers, the cost of light sources has dropped significantly, and the profits are indeed very weak.

Just when everyone is reflecting the unsatisfactory power supply market, there is an unexpected sound, that is, very optimistic about the domestic high-power power market.

Cai Xinyu, general manager of Shenghengda Electronics, said that the domestic power market has great potential for development and will bring me room for development in the future. Because it has been focusing on overseas markets, Sheng Hengda does not want to miss the domestic market opportunities. Since last year, it has been working on the domestic power market.

Responding to market competition and becoming a focus of power companies

As we all know, the price has always been a stumbling block to the LED industry. The market is under competitive pressure, and the price of the power supply has dropped and dropped.

For example, the 50W power supply has now dropped to 1 yuan, down 10% - 15% compared to last year. Liu Heng, general manager of Zhongheng Paiwei, told Gaogong LED that the market is under competitive pressure and the power companies are constantly under pressure to cut prices. In fact, the prices of raw materials have not declined, resulting in weaker profits. It is estimated that there will be about 5% of the downside this year.

According to Zhao Nannan, sales director of Igor Lighting Industry Center, LED power supply is already a part of the Red Sea. It is imperative for large-scale enterprises to specialize in the subdivision. It should be considered from the application point of view, and it is not from the power supply itself to seek answers.

In fact, the pattern of high-power power supply market has taken shape, and various companies have gradually formed their own product specifications, and the market is becoming more orderly.

In fact, shuffling is based on the development of the company to further better market the market. Faced with price competition, some companies take brand routes, high-end routes, cost-effective routes, overseas market routes, and so on.

Yang Qinghua said that the market will be laid out in three aspects in the future. First, to speak with products, to achieve the highest cost performance; second, adjust customer strategy, aim at customers with good reputation, may not bring too much profit, but payment in time can guarantee that we complete normal business; third, Power overseas, take the dealer and agent mode route.

Cai Xinyu also said that in the face of market competition, it will be done from four aspects. First, because we have been doing overseas markets, we mainly do products that meet safety standards; second, do reasonable price optimization; third, carefully select suppliers and materials to meet customer needs; fourth, follow up Repair and after-sales service.

In general, whether it is LED street lights or high-power power supplies, the domestic market has hidden development space. In addition, the overseas market is gradually becoming an unstoppable trend, and it has increased the market development potential. For LED power companies, the entire market is still full of hope.

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